Recover passwords

This post is made to show you how to easily recover forgotten passwords (if you have saved them in e.g mail client, internet browser etc)

First let's begin with messenger passview.
This application will show you all accounts, in almost all messenger clients and their password aswell.

(I never saved any of my passwords so it won't display anything, keep that in mind)

MessenView can be downloaded here

Now we'll see how to see passwords stored in the Internet browsers.
There are 2 ways to see the passwords and accounts:

1. WebBrowser Passview from Nirsoft (i like this better because it shows all the accounts and passwords from all installed browsers)

WebBrowserPassView can be downloaded here

2. The second way to view your stored passwords is inside your browser...
If you have chrome simply go to tools>prefferences>Show more options>Manage saved passwords.
Now just follow the screenshots i added below:

then you can select the account you want to see its password

"Εμφάνιση" means "Show" once you press this button it reveals your password.

It's almost the same way in Mozilla Firefox. This way also shows you that your accounts and passwords aren't safe enough, if someone sit in front of your computer for 10 seconds...

Most important passwords are email passwords, usually most of the people who save their passwords after a month or so they forget them, well since you saved your email password nothing is lost

Here's how you can recover your email password easily:

MailPassView can be downloaded here

Another utility that reveals passwords from other applications e.g Internet Explorer, FileZilla etc is BulletPassView, pretty usefull unless you use Chrome or Firefox, because it doesn't work with these.

Since i dont use IE or any other applications such as FTP clients etc i can't provide you with a better screenshot, but the site i gave below does.

BulletPassView can be downloaded here

Important Note: Some of these programs are defined as "HackTools" by some antiviruses, this is just a false positive. I'm sure you figured it out that some of these utilities can be used for malicious purposes, such as stealing your friend's passwords etc. Almost everything can be used for malicious purposes, even notepad (for its ability to create a silly batch file that deletes something), a Yahoo! Messenger (for its ability to send malicious programs), Adobe dreamweaver (if you making phishing webpages), your OperatingSystem that allows you to run these programs and in the end, your whole computer, making you able to harm people via internet. What Antiviruses companies do is just stupid, unfortunately these days almost all the AV companies defines everything as HackTools, trojans etc... They don't understand that an application is like a knife, with a knife you can stab someone or you can use it to cut your bread. It's all about the user's mind.
More information here


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