UFO Sightings of the Past & Other Anomalies

Tuthmosis III Account of Space Crafts

In the year 22, of the third month of the winter, a circle of fire appeared in the sky. After some days it became more numerous, and shone with the brightness of the sun, extending to the very limits of the heavens - (Records of Tuthmosis, 1480 BC)

1463 - Hermann Schabben paints crafts he saw in the sky in Europe

April 14th 1561 - Nuremburg Germany. Many crafts came appearing to fight with one another

Five years later, Basle - Documented reports of crafts appearing to be in combat

Nicholas Roerich

On August 5th, during our camp, and at about half past nine, some of our caravaners noticed a huge shining oval shape flying high overhead. It came from the north at great speed crossing our camp before disappearing into the clear blue sky. It had a bright luminous surface, brilliant in the sun – (Travel Diary, 1956)

Col. Gordon Cooper

I personally believe in UFOs, and I believed in UFOs before I got into the space program – I just personally believe that there are other civilizations out there somewhere that people are traveling from - Colonel Gordon Cooper (Astronaut U.S.A.F, retired)

Professor Hermann Oberth

UFOs are conceived and directed by intelligent beings of a very high order, and they are propelled by distorting the gravitational field, converting gravity into useable energy. There is no doubt in my mind that these objects are interplanetary craft of some sort. I and my colleagues are confident that they do not originate in our solar system, but we feel that they may use Mars or some other body as sort of away station. They probably do not originate in our solar system, perhaps not even in our galaxy - Dr. Herman Oberth, the father of modern rocketry quoted in 1954 

I believe that these extraterrestrial vehicles and their crews are visiting this planet from other planets which obviously are a little more advanced than we are." In April 1995 at an Arkansas conference, astronaut Gordon Cooper declared that when he was a USAF officer, a four-man Air Force crew was filming a plane landing-gear test at Edwards Air Force Base in 1957 when a UFO swooped down and landed at the base while the Air Force cameras were rolling. The shocked USAF camera crew later brought the film to Edwards AFB Headquarters. Gordon Cooper personally viewed the film. EAFB commanding officers thereafter shipped it to Washington. Nothing has been heard of since about the film - Colonel L. Gordon Cooper (Mercury 7 Astronaut, in a letter to the United Nations, 1978). 

From Dead Men’s Secrets (by Jonathon Cray)

1 – INDIA: Vehicles that could revolve around the earth (i.e.,

satellites): "Their fuel is drawn from the air in a very simple and

cheap way. The motor is something like a modern turbine: it works from one chamber to another and does not stop or stall unless switched off. If nothing happens it continues to function. The ship in which it is built could revolve as long as it liked around Earth, only falling when the parts of which it is made were burnt up.

2 – INDIA: Philosophers and scientists who orbited the earth "below the moon and above the clouds" are spoken of in the ancient Surya Siddhanta. 3

Giant satellites made of shiny metal and turning about an axis are described in detail in ancient Sanskrit texts, right down to their dimensions and interiors, as well as smaller craft that fly between them and the earth.

3 – CHALDEA: Two "modern" rockets emitting rays at the rear, a box like a loudspeaker and a "copy" of a Gemini capsule — are engraved on a copper chisel unearthed at Ur.

4 – SUMERIA: Pictographic texts describe three related objects on display in Sippar: the golden sphere (command module?), the "GIR" (a long arrow-shaped object, divided into several compartments) and the "alikmahrati," meaning "advancer that makes vessel go" (i.e., a motor, or an engine). Together they look very much like a three-part rocket ship.

Another explicit sign is the combination of two words "DIN" and 'GIR." When joined together to form the word "gods," the tail of the finlike "gir" fits perfectly into the opening of the rocketlike "din," which exhausts fire from its tail.

5 – PERU: A clay vessel 8-1/2 inches high portrays a kind of "space capsule" on which motor and exhaust are clearly recognizable.

6 – ITALY: A painting discovered in the niche of a room under Rome's Palatine Hill, in 1961, portrays what appears to be a rocket. It stands on a launching pad. From it run guys or cables; behind is a tall wall, resembling a counterblast wall.

7 – JAPAN: Excavations have uncovered clay figurines of people clad in peculiar "space suits", with helmets entirely covering their heads. On the helmets are representations of something like slit-type glasses, breath -filters, antennae, hearing aids and even night-sight devices.

8 – INDIA: The Mahabharata describes "two storey sky chariots with many windows, ejecting red flame, that race up into the sky until they look like comets . . . to the regions of both the sun and the stars." 4

9 – GUATEMALA: Another ancient description mentions "a circular chariot of gold, measuring 12,000 cubits in circumference and able to reach the stars" 5

10 – INDIA: Other references speak of:

* Pushan sailing in golden ships across the ocean of the sky  

* Garuda (a celestial bird) carrying Lord Vishnu in cosmic journeys 

* Aerial flights "through the region of the sky firmament which is

above the region of the winds" 6 

* The Ancients of Space Dimensions. 7

11 – NEW ZEALAND: Maori legends tell of flying machines and journeys to the moon.

12 – CHINA, 3rd century B.C.: Chuang Tzu, in a work entitled Travel to the Infinite, relates a trip he made into space to 32,500 miles from the earth.

13 – TIBET and MONGOLIA: Ancient Buddhist books speak of "iron

serpents which devour space with fire and smoke, reaching as far as the distant stars."

14 – TIBET: The three levels of a pyramid in the Hsing Nu capital

commemorated three historical periods in the remote past: the pre-space travel era, the time when men were able to visit one of the heavenly bodies, and then afterward when they came back to earth and lost the power of space travel. It was here that there reposed on the altar a "stone brought from the moon." 

15 – BABYLON: The Epic of Etana (4,700 years old) supplies us with very accurate descriptions of the earth's surface from progressive altitudes — descriptions which were not verified in our own era until the high-altitude aerial flights of the 1950s and the first space shots of the 1960s.

The description of this ancient space flight depicts exactly what

happens when man leaves the earth (the concept of the round earth which becomes small, due to perspective as distance increases, and changes into particular colors). 8

16 – BOOK OF ENOCH: The ancient Book of Enoch says that in space "it was hot as fire and cold as ice" (where objects get hot on the side illuminated by the sun and icy cold on the shaded side) and "a dark abyss." 9

17 – YUNNAN PROVINCE CHINA Engravings of cylindrical rocketlike

machines, which are shown climbing skyward, were discovered on a pyramid which suddenly emerged from the floor of Lake Kun-Ming during an earthquake.

18 – GREECE: Lucian pictured the moon as a body like the earth which could be reached in 8 days and wrote a "fiction" (?) of a moon trip.

19 – CHINA: "Desolate, cold and glassy": In the year 2309 B.c. the

engineer of Emperor Yao decided to go to the moon. The "celestial bird" provided him with information on his trip. He explored space by "mounting the current of luminous air" (the exhaust of a fiery rocket?).

Hou Yih flew into space where "he did not perceive the rotary movement of the sun." 10 (This statement is of paramount importance in corroborating the story because it is only in space that man cannot see the sun rise or set.)

On the moon he saw the 'frozen-looking horizon" and erected a building, "the Palace of Cold." 

His wife Chang Ngo likewise flew to the moon, which she found a "luminous sphere, shining like glass, of enormous size and very cold; the light of the moon has its birth in the sun," she declared. (Chang Ngo's moon exploration report was correct. Apollo II astronauts found the moon desolate with a glasslike soil — and parts of it even paved with pieces of glass. Most of the moon, at any given time, is in the throes of extreme cold. It plunges to minus 250 degrees Fahrenheit at midnight.)

The ancient Greek scientist Empedocles had also declared that the moon was made of glass. Such precise knowledge implies on-site inspection of the moon in the remote past.

20 – CHINA: A story from this same period states that an enormous ship appeared on the sea at night with brilliant lights which were extinguished during the day. It could also sail to the moon and the stars, hence its name, "a ship hanging among the stars" or "the boat to the moon." 

This giant ship which could travel in the sky or sail the seas was seen for 12 years. 11

21 – CHINA: "The Shi Ching" book says that when the Emperor saw crime and vice rising in the world, "he commanded Chong and Li to cut off communication between the earth and the sky — and since then there has been no more going up or down." 12

Is this not a clear indication of the cessation of space travel in the past?

22 – TIBET: Sanskrit documents discovered by the Chinese at Lhasa are claimed to contain directions for building interplanetary spaceships.

Flight to the moon is mentioned (though it is not stated whether this was undertaken or just planned). The Chinese have stated that certain of the data were being studied for inclusion in their space program.

23 – Relics on the moon? Reports have been made concerning strange messages on the surface of the moon.

* An object shaped like a sword near the crater Birt 

* Strange cross formations in the crater Eratosthenes and at Fra Mauro

* Angular lines in the crater Gassendi and seven spots in the shape of the Greek capital Gamma on the floor of the crater Littrow 

* Two giant sets of letters under Mare Serenitalis, to the left of

Mare Tranquilitatis, which read: "PYAX" and "JAW" — black letters, easily discernible 

* Strange tracks running right up the wall of a crater.

If such geometric constructions were found on earth, speculation would rage as to the men who left them.

Not every discovery has been announced by NASA — and exploration has scarcely begun. Already NASA has run out of budget for further moon visits. It is by no means impossible that future astronauts will discover objects or installations showing that other human beings came to the moon in the distant past.

24 – It was July 20, 1969, the occasion of the first moon landing.

During the last reconnaissance flight around the moon, preceding the landing, one of the astronauts made an unexpected announcement: he had just seen the contours of what seemed to be some sort of seven-story structure.

What was it that he saw? Might it have been the "Palace of Cold?" Why did they subsequently delete a full 11 minutes – including this – from rebroadcasts? (But it was too late. We had already heard it.)

If there is a single, ancient, long-abandoned edifice on the moon, if there is a single object indicating earlier intelligence, if there is still one recognizable rock drawing to be found, then just think what such a find would do to our conventional history.

But wait! News has continued to filter through — not only from the moon, but from 40 million miles away on the small planet Mars.

25 – A Soviet scientist who defected to the West claims that

photographs taken by an orbiting satellite clearly show the ruined temples of a civilization — on the planet Mars!

The 58-year-old scientist was a high-echelon member of an elite team that has worked together since 1961 when Vostok I carried Yuri A. Gagarin as the first man in space. But Russia's growing emphasis on the development of a nuclearized "Star Wars" satellite system in space prompted him to flee Russia. He now lives under an assumed identity in Switzerland.

He reports that several years ago, a Soviet satellite was launched for Mars. It reached that destination in 1982 and has been orbiting the Red Planet ever since. Its sole purpose was to beam photographs and other data back to a manned satellite orbiting Earth. The task was accomplished with incredible success.

The photographs are computer-enhanced and in full color. The detail they show is far beyond anything produced in America. And there is no mistaking what they reveal. The city scanned by the satellite's camera is three times the size of Moscow and it is ringed by wide boulevards, one inside the other and linked together by smaller avenues, like the spokes of a cartwheel.

The temples must have been huge. Most are in ruins, as though crumbled by a tremendous Marsquake. But some still support slate-grey domes that measure two to four miles in diameter. The Soviet Union will never admit to this incredible discovery because it would reveal too much of their technological progress.

New History Reveals the Truth About the Fátima Incident

Authors say Famed Apparitions in 1917 were Close Encounters with Alien Beings

VICTORIA, BC – The Fátima incident was an important event in the history of religion. In 1917, three little Portuguese shepherds – Jacinta, Francisco, and Lúcia – suddenly encountered the Virgin Mary, illuminated in the splendor of heavenly lights, who told the children three secrets about the fate of the Earth. The contacts were followed by an unexplained aerial phenomenon, called “The Miracle of the Sun,” in which the Sun was seen to dance in the sky by thousands of awestruck onlookers who flocked to Fátima. 

The apparitions were presumed to be a case of divine intervention in human affairs, a sign from Heaven that the world war then raging in Europe should end. A shrine sprang up at Fátima that drew millions of believers, and a myth was invented that the secrets of Fátima would be revealed in the fullness of time – as a testament of faith in a secular age.

In Heavenly Lights (EcceNova Editions; July 2, 2005; $22.95), Portuguese historians Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’ Armada tell the true story of the apparitions of Fátima. The first history of Fátima to be written by Portuguese historians based on the original documents, Heavenly Lights is the result of a 25-year odyssey by the authors in search of the actual facts of the Fátima case. Fernandes and d’ Armada began their investigation in 1978, when they were given access to secret archives held at the Sanctuary of Fátima.

The records of Sister Lúcia, kept at the archives since the incident, revealed that the children did not interact with an apparition of the Virgin Mary but with a hologram of an extraterrestrial projected on a beam of light from a spacecraft hovering high above them. The archives clearly showed that the entities encountered at Fátima were not deities from Heaven but rather alien beings visiting our planet from “elsewhere” in the vast Cosmos. This finding was supported by hundreds of other facts from the time of the apparitions. Fátima, the authors discovered, was the first major UFO case of the 20th century.

Heavenly Lights is certain to become a definitive history of the Fátima Incident of 1917. When it was first published in Portugal in 1995, entitled As Aparições de Fátima e o Fenómeno OVNI, the Jornal de Notícias, a leading Portuguese newspaper, heralded the work “a literary success without precedent in the field of Portuguese ufological studies.” 

Now the whole world can know the truth about the apparitions of Fátima. This new translation by American journalists Andrew D. Basiago and Eva M. Thompson offers a powerful argument for both UFO researchers and religious scholars alike to re-examine the actual evidence that at last explains the enduring mystery of the Fátima incident.

About the Authors

Joaquim Fernandes, Ph.D, is Professor of History at the University Fernando Pessoa in Porto, Portugal. He directs the Multicultural Apparitions Research International Academic Network (Project MARIAN). His research interests include the history of science and the comparative anthropology of religion, with an emphasis on anomalistic phenomena.

Fina d’ Armada holds a Master’s degree in Women's Studies. She has written five books about the Fátima incident, all based on original documents held in the archives – three co-authored with Fernandes – and hundreds of articles. Her research interests include phenomenology, local history, the history of women, and the era of Portuguese discovery. 
About the Book

Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions of Fátima and the UFO Phenomenon

By Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’ Armada.

Splatters from Heaven

A farm house in the flight path of Wellington Airport has been coated in what the home owners say is human effluent. Two sides of the Takapu Valley house were showered with the smelly substance. The owners of the house, Lloyd Hyde and Shonnie Gordon, say they cannot think of any other way the mess landed on their house, and it must have come from a plane flying overhead. They now want authorities to clean it up. Gordon says you do not have to be a forensic scientist to figure out what it is. "It was putrid, absolutely putrid particularly while it was wet," she says. The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has launched an investigation into the complaint, but a spokesman says it is doubtful human waste would have been ejected from a plane. But the home owners disagree, saying you only need to smell it to know that it is human waste.

Bill Sommer from the CAA says he has yet to take a sniff. "I have not been that brave. We'll leave it up to the analysts." However he adds incidents like this are treated seriously. "What we'd like to know is, what is the material on the house and where did it come from." Aviation authorities say planes do not discard waste in flight but accept accidents can happen. They are now looking at radar records for flight movements from the day before. The forensic results are due in seven days.

A mysterious brown muck which splattered a home near Wellington last week has authorities stumped. Initial lab test results show the substance did not come from a plane, but no one can tell if it has human origins. The smelly substance fell from the sky onto a Takapu Valley home last week, but the Civil Aviation Authority denies it is human waste.

"There was no connection between chemicals used in aircraft toilets and the sample that we provided," says Bill Sommers of the CAA. The Department of Conservation says it thinks birds may be responsible.

"From what I can see it's nothing from a plane, it can't be Superman, so it must be a bird," says biologist Murray Williams. But some experts disagree and Geert Van Eyken of Wellington Zoo says it would have to involve a big flock of birds "dropping everything at once". If the ducks did do it, they would have to be highly organised to plan such a precision drop and then carry it out in perfect unison. In the week since Takapu Valley home was struck, smelly splodges have landed right next door, across Cook Strait and then in Te Awamutu. Home owners hit by the mystery waste advise anyone whose house is hit to take a sample quickly.

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