Rosslyn's Chapel Apprentice Pillar, Holy Grail, and Asherah

By Carolyn Shield

Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland has the legend that the Holy Grail lies within the Apprentice Pillar. The legend of the death of the Apprentice killed by his Master Mason has the ring of the Hiram Abiff story of the Freemasons. Rosslyn chapel is a tribute to masons. The carvings of stone fill the whole chapel from top to bottom.

Another  legend talks about the Saint Clair family being the protectors of the Holy Grail which was brought back from Holy Land during the Crusades. Winged dragons lie at the bottom of the Apprentice Pillar as well as a serpentine vine winds around the pillar. If the Holy Grail represents the holy bloodline of the Holy Family then the serpentine vine structure reminds us of the twisting of the DNA molecule. The DNA Molecule is the tree of life and the molecule of creation.
Asherah is the female consort to Yahweh. In recent archeological finds dating back to 8th century BC ofwritings an inscription in stone found in the desert of Mount Sinai translated  means
"I have blessed you by YHVH of Samaria and His Asherah." Asherah was calld the Queen of Heaven. Asherah poles or pillars were made in her honor.


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