The Cathars

The cathars were a group of religious poeple who lived in the land of oc during the 11th to the 13th century.
The name Cathar most likely originated from Greek catharos, "the pure ones".

Catharism was a religion of which we only have a vague knowledge culled from the documents related or not to the Inquisition. Even reference works rely heavily on these baised but informative sources which make up the inquisitorial statements after the capture of Montsegur, regarded as Satan’s synagogue by the Catholic church.
A crusade was launched which eventually led to the dramatic last stand at the Cathar castle on Montsegur.
On march 16, 1244 205 cathars including women and children were burned at the stake. They were executed by the Catholic church because they didn't believe in the pope.

I found a picture that shows the tombstone:


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