Designer and builder of the FIRST PYRAMID in history, The Step Pyramid at Sakkara

Relevant Television 3D recreation of high priest and alchemist Imhotep

Imhotep designed and built the first pyramid in human history, the Step Pyramid at Saqqara, the first manifestation of higher knowledge in ancient Egypt.

He belonged to a closed organization of priests called the School of Mysteries of "The Eye of Horus", exclusive guardians of knowledge in ancient Egypt.

Imhotep whose name means "The sage who comes in peace" occupies one of the most distinguished places in history, He was revered in Egypt for three thousand years - that is, from his own lifetime during the reign of King Djoser right up to the Greek and Roman conquests of Egypt. His father was the royal architect Kanofer, his mother Khreduonkh, an hereditary noble. At a very early age Imhotep entered the priesthood and began to live at the Temple of Annu on the shores of the Nile - a center of science and religion, with a great library, were Imhotep learned how to read and write in the symbolic language of hieroglyphs.

Imhotep casting a limestone block

Imhotep left plans with temple designs that were built thousands of years after his death, as stated in the hieroglyphs of several temples. He was a geometer, doctor of medicine, inventor of the Caduceus, the present-day symbol of physicians. The legend says Imhotep devised the way to divide the heavens into 30º sectors, known today as the Zodiacal eras, to record the movements of the stars and constellations.

A priest-scientist like Imhotep who could make stone vessels enjoyed a special status, since his knowledge enabled him to give form to stones, and stone for the Egyptians was the symbol of the Eternal. After his death he was divinized by the Egyptians who identified him with Thoth the Ibis-faced divinity of wisdom. The Gnostics called him Hermes Trismegistus, the Thrice Great, founder and origin of their esoteric wisdom.

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