Mind-Control and Abductions

All I can say is that for over a year now, I have been pursuing a specific theory of UFO abductions which has royally ticked off everybody that I’ve come in contact (believer and skeptic alike). This is a theory that, I think, is designed to make me hate it.
I’m primarily interested in the Government’s involvement in the UFO phenomena. Specifically, it seems to me (and I might as well lay out all my cards on the table at once) that it seems to me the abduction phenomenon might just be a ploy — that the «aliens» are a paper-mache mask (as I sometimes put it) for something else that’s really going on.

All of theories of UFO abductions that I’ve ever come across (excepting the entirely skeptical ones put out by people like Philip Klass) include some aspect of the concept of mind-control. Now it seems to me that if people’s minds are being controlled — and I think that this technology is in existence — then we have to ask the question: can we trust the participant’s reports of what they are seeing in terms of perhaps even the UFOs that they are seeing, but certainly the nature of the abduction experience itself? Do we even have to assume that the little gray aliens exist simply because people tell us that they do, even if they believe that they exist?

Black Dog

Drawing from a very old example out of hypnotism — and Aileen being herself a hypnotherapist can perhaps tell you more about this — it was a very common practice going back many, many decades to see if somebody was under some hypnotism, they would introduce them they would take the subject, hypnotize them, and say that there was a small, black dog in the room and it’s coming up, and would you pet it.

And the subject will often actually see the dog just as thoroughly — just as concretely — as they would see any normal dog that you might get out of the animal shelter.

Now if the human brain can be tricked to that extent, then is it not possible that the ETs that people are seeing are of an exactly like substance to that dog?

I think it is. I have done a great deal of research into the subject of the Government’s involvement in mind-control operations. They like people to believe that that was all something that they were doing back in the 1950s and the 1960s, and it was all to catch up with the Russians who had this huge lead in the field. Bt they stopped doing it around 1963, and they never really found anything — it’s all a lie!

I mean, basically, that I’ve just come to the conclusion where I can say that right now. These programs went very, very far. We got there first. We were far ahead of the Russians. I even can give you a memo where Allen Dulles admitted that to the Warren Commission, of all places!

Occult Groups

It went back to World War II, possibly to the 30′s. In fact, I’ve just recently came across some information that occult groups have been doing experimentations with what they call «electronic mind-control» going all the way back to the 19th century. In fact, there isn’t a single technology of mind-control that doesn’t go back to that time.

And so, one of the problems … Well, I should say that in researching this, I have not only looked up and read every book available on this subject — some of which are EXTREMELY hard to find. I mean, I’m sorry to sound too paranoid, but I’m really beginning to get the idea that somebody has been going around to the libraries and hussling them off the shelves because I keep on finding that there are certain books that I keep on looking for. And I find that they are not checked out, but they are not only the library shelves either! And I’m wondering what’s happened to them. [The former KGB of the Soviet Union actually rewrote textbooks when someone fell out of a favor with the government. And they substituted these in all the libraries that they could find. Some whistleblowers say that the U.S. Government has erased their school records etc. for security purposes. Reminds you of the Federal Witness Protection Program in the movie "Eraser".]

But I think I’ve now amassed quite a library on the subject. I’ve also gone to Washington, DC and saw some 20,000 documents. These are de-classified CIA/Defense Department documents as well as many interviews with scientists working on these programs back in the 50s and 60s. These were all compiled byJohn Marks for his book The Search for the Manchurian Candidate.

I would suggest that all of you people read that book. But you must understand that that book is incredibly conservative, and that the whole subject goes far, far beyond that. I don’t know why John Marks wrote it the way he did. Certainly, there was much more information in his files than he allowed to come out in his book.

Another good book — which I’m sorry to say is very, very difficult to get a hold of — and probably the best book on the subject is called Operation Mind-Control by Walter Bowart. But even then after you’ve gone to that literature, you have to search through a great deal of periodicals and scientific papers and so forth and also conduct a great many interviews.

I’ve interviewed people who claim to have been under mind-control — specifically in Vietnam. And what they describe is very, very similar to what the abductees are describing in many respects. Not only that, I’ve also spoken to abductees. And this is a subject on which I feel a certain amount of hesitancy in describing and talking about.

One abductee — I called her «Veronica» in an article I wrote in UFO Magazine (it’s a long and extremely complicated and fascinating case) under hypnosis — and I did not hypnotize her, in fact she is the one who wanted the hypnosis and it was administered by a professional hypnotist. In the 4th hypnotic session, she described one of her abductions which — as she dug deeper — turned out not to have taken place at all in any kind of Unidentified Flying Object but in fact took place in a house outside the Los Angeles area.

And of course, we kept zeroing in on the house and its location. And so on and so forth.

Now, I must state directly here that there is some possibility, of course, whenever there is a hypnotized subject, it is often stated that the subject wants to please the hypnotist. Therefore the subject might confabulate details that would fit that hypnotists’ particular thesis. I must say that Veronica came up with the CIA thesis long before I ever met her. She was saying that that was just one possibility among others.

It also seems to be a nagging possibility that other abductees that I have read about and talked to have come up with, although they didn’t explore it. There is something about the idea of being in contact with alien beings that is extremely attractive to them. And they don’t want to give it up very easily.

Anyway, to go back to the hypnotic session she had talked about. I won’t give you the details of this kind of terrifying session that she underwent in this man’s house. But after the session, I found out later she was told under some sort of hypnosis, even though the hypnotist had tried to get her out of it, and she said that she was no longer in trance but apparently she still was. But I said, «Well okay, let’s drive there.»

And we did. And I got a location. We found the location, and she suddenly got very scared and we had to turn back. Well, I later did a little bit of detective work and I found out who lived there. I won’t give the name because there is obviously a certain possibility of libel involved. But I found out that the man who lived in that house was a scientist who worked on the CIA’s mind-control programs. These programs had projects like ‘Artichoke’, ‘Bluebird’, ‘MK-ULTRA’.

Not only that but while on the way there, Veronica described the interior of this house including one specific unusual detail that almost nobody has in his living room. I later found out from somebody who had been in that house that she described it accurately. Unfortunately, Veronica now says that she can remember nothing of our conversation together. I didn’t tape her admission of what was inside the house, so there is no way I can prove this which is why I am very, very wary of mentioning names and possibly giving way to a libel suit.

But I will say that for my purposes — and I can’t prove it to anybody else, but it has been proved to me — that in at least one instance this thesis is correct.

I must tell you right now that I am as loath as anybody else to give up on the alien hypothesis. I mean I grew up with it. I read a lot of UFO books in my time. I’ve never been plugged into the UFO Network. I’ve never spoken to the actual researchers until just recently. And even then, it’s only quite tangential. Aileen is probably the one I know best. And so, it gets very, very difficult for me to give up entirely upon the idea of the aliens. And I know that people will get angry at me because I am exploring another possibility. But it just seems that this is a path which has to be looked at.

Disposal Problem

I do know from the internal CIA correspondence that I’ve looked at in Washington that one of the problems they had is that it was a «disposal problem» whenever they were experimenting on someone to see how firmly they could control that person’s mind. Even though they would try many techniques to get them to forget the session (as it were), it was almost impossible to make them forget entirely. Memories would come out — oftentimes in dreams — of what was going on.

One of the scientists who worked on it, I think, was Martin Warren. You may recall Martin Warren because he’s mentioned prominently in Philip Klass’ skeptical book on UFO abductions. What Philip Klass doesn’t tell you is that Martin Warren was a CIA operative going back to the very early 1960s.

But one of the things they mentioned in this context of people remembering was that they will remember any scenario that they are told. In other words, you can tell them: «Yes, something happened there… but you know…». You can fix the memory in other words, arrange a cover story. And so, yeah, the person might wake up in the middle of the night with this terrible, terrible feeling in that back of his head that he has been hypnotically told to forget something that happened to him. But as long as he misremembers that, then the actual truth of the matter will never come out.

Now I think that something very much like that happened to a man named Marty Kosky. He was a Finnish citizen. He was staying in Canada sometime in the mid- to late-1970s. I have a lot of material from him. He claims to have been a victim of mind-control. Now by the 1970s, this whole technology was getting extremely baroque. In the 1950s and the 60s according to John Mark’s informant, nobody knows his name. I don’t even think John Mark’s knows his name he was given the nickname «Deep Trance«.

According to «Deep Trance», the mind-control was basically … the technology had to do with drugs and some with hypnosis. In the 1970s, it started to turn to things like implantations in the brain and microwaves. And the two of them can work together.

Now Marty Kosky says that this Finnish citizen claims to have been a victim of the microwave experimentations happening in Canada. He had first — in 1977 or thereabouts — came out with a brochure that was … well you know, he learned English only a couple of years previously, and he wasn’t a professional writer and claimed to be microwaved in his brain. So obviously you can tell that the pamphlet that he came up with was not very impressive. And people looking at it probably dismissed him as a nut. [reminds me of accounts of the Montauk Project.]

Loony Toon

Later though, he came out with a still not particularly well-written, but much more convincing set of materials — which I believe that Aileen might have copies of there, and we can certainly get some copies distributed to you people if you’re interested in it — in which he tells the story in greater length. He talks about being taken to a hospital, having things implanted in his brain, and hearing of voices. Now I must say that even though this sounds like the story of an absolute Loony Toon, I know for a fact that this sort of thing does occur I mean. It is technologically possible. There was a scientist named Allen Fray in the late 1960s and early 70s who discovered that you can induce — with microwaves — voices in the brain that you can actually hear. [is that why the Russians bombarded the U.S. embassy in Moscow with microwaves for so many years?]

As always with these things, you only get the first experimentations along these lines, the first successful notes of what was happening. And then, of course, it’s all clamped down. You don’t get any more information on follow-up experiments. But we do know — at least from the early work — that people were able to hear things — directly perceived words as spoken over a microphone — directly in their mind. Not just through the ears or anything like that. Which makes me look twice whenever I hear about people who claim to be hearing voices. I know that that is a classic symptom of schizophrenia, but many of these people are also extremely hypnotizable.

Classic schizophrenics are not easily hypnotizable. Yet these people are. They fall into a separate category. And I’m wondering if the voices that they hear, if they too might be — it’s a possibility among other possibilities, let’s put it that way — if these people are also possible subjects of this sort of experimentation.

Anyway, getting back to Kosky, I won’t tell you his entire story because I think it would be better if you read it entirely. He talks about being kidnapped and taken to a hospital and given what he called «spy training». Much of his descriptions of what happened to him in the hospital I think are quite incorrect. But who knows what happened to his mind during those times.

I do know that of the released MK-ULTRA papers from the 1950s and 60s, many of the absolute worst atrocities being committed by the CIA — they were trying to invade the space between people’s ears — were in fact taking place in Canada.

So, it’s entirely likely that these things will be happening in Canada. Don’t think that simply because Kosky points the finger at the Royal Canadian Mounted Police doesn’t really mean that the CIA or some other government agency isn’t behind it. In fact, some of what I’ve read has indicated that the government agency that is now most involved in the mind-control experimentation is called DARPA. And I’ve also just recently come across some information that NASA — of all people of all places, I don’t know why — is possibly just possibly involved with that. There is whole story I can tell you along those lines.


One of the things that Kosky was told after he got away from the hospital and was trying to reestablish his sanity after these terrible experimentations that were done to him was that the people talking to him were from Sirius. Now, this is one of the best links I have between the mind-control technology and the UFO abduction phenomenon. That this is a victim of mind-control claiming that he knows that the controllers were using UFOs or aliens as a cover story for their operations. He was even more explicit in his original pamphlet. Where he was saying that: «The test program fluctuates from spying education to meeting humanoids from other planets — people from Mars and Sirius. If you are a religious person, you can even talk to the Lord!»

So in other words, they find out exactly how your personality is structured. Then they will assume a persona to meet that which also makes me look at these people who claim to be hearing voices from Jesus or from Satan. I know recently there was a rash of people hearing the voice of Satan. I think it was a group of teenagers out in Tennessee. As they progressed, they were committing horrible atrocities. First they were watching these terribly violent videotapes which for some reason are now being made available to teenagers, including videotapes of actual deaths. And then the voices told them to start torturing and murdering small animals until finally they actually murdered one of their numbers. [not sure if it was related, but see the sci-fi thriller "VideoDrome" co-starring Debra Harry of the rock group "Blondie". It seems eerily similar.]


Well, I know that this sounds like an outrageous story and possibly not connected to what I am saying. But in fact, it is connected because that was one of the ways they trained … One of the primary, I should say, motivations for the entire mind-control technology as we know it from the papers in the 1950s and 60s was to train people to commit assassinations. And this is why I am very frightened whenever an abductee — and I’ve had a couple come up with this now — start talking about guns.

In fact, you know in that very same abduction hypnotic session where we are talking about her abduction, she said that the entities had told her to bring a gun to Martin (me!). Which did not exactly make me feel very good. I mean I really don’t know what was behind that. But I must say that I’ve rather limited my contact with that woman ever since.

Now I should say that I’m not used to giving a lecture to large numbers of people whom I can’t see. So I’ll probably be flitting from one thing to another. But anyway, I do have documents which prove that that was the ultimate goal — to get people to commit atrocities without any emotions without any affect. That was the primary purpose. And the way they did it was first to desensitize people.

There was a doctor named Nereut, who I think in 1974 spilled the beans to the London Times saying that he was performing these kinds of experimentations on soldiers of the Green Berets, Navy Seals, and other special forces. They were taught under hypnosis — and sometimes not under hypnosis — to de-sensitive themselves to violence. Usually through a series of films. Then you would progress from that to not caring if you tore the head off a chicken. And then you were told that the enemy was something less than «subhuman», so you would go out there and commit unbelievable atrocities which — if you dig into it — you know were committed in Vietnam. [not wanting to contradict Mr. Cannon's thesis, but I believe that atrocities are committed in every war by both the "winners" and the "losers". And soldiers of the losing side are always branded "war criminals".

To bolster his argument, search for Dr. John Quinn's essay on "Rocky Mountain Horror" where his research showed that Eric Harris (one of the 2 student gunmen in the Columbine High School massacre) was raised at Plattsburgh AFB -- not far from the USAF ROME ATC and Brookhaven and the home of the legendary "Montauk Project". One can make a case that part of the "Phoenix Project" had to do with mind manipulation. And the SAGE radar dish at Montauk would be to transmit an 'ON' code to trigger previously-implanted mental orders. One of the tricks would be to find subjects whose biochemical makeup would be conducive to the current technology. Live a normal life until the "mole" inside you would be activated. In the Columbine case, one possible motive would be to cause a panic-stricken public to outlaw private ownership of guns.

And then according to the some of the people who claim to be mind-control victims that I've spoken to, you can be hypnotized into forgetting that you committed the atrocities. And this is actually quite beneficial because you don't want that sort of thing on your memory. You just won't be able to function. I spoke directly to … I can't give his name, and I know that it would be very difficult for me to convince your people of the truth of what he said. All I know is that I sat directly across from him in the room. And I met him almost by coincidence. I was interviewing him on another subject and told him that I was interested in mind-control. And he said this had happened to him.

Naval Intelligence

He gave me specific examples of things that occurred with him in the 1960s -- how he was put through this sort of program. Much of what he described as to how this … Not just the mind-control. He knew the technology involved. He knew many of the terms involved. He would have to do a great deal of studying in order to have gotten this information. And he talked about the way that these sort of secret missions would be directed out of a Naval intelligence ship, which I knew from other sources to be absolutely true.

So I believed what he had to say to me. He fingered the Veterans Administration hospital out here in Northridge as one place where they continue to have scientists operate in these capacities. And that was very interesting to me because I later have -- and I just now had -- an abductee tell me that she had memories of something terrible happening at that very same Veterans Administration hospital.

So that all fits together. Again, I'm telling you this to explain to you why I believe what I believe. I don't necessarily have all of the facts that I can put it in a book and prove it. But I have enough that my suspicion is definitely raised. Now you may ask about "implantations"; the scars that Budd Hopkins will show you photographs of; and these intracerebreal implantations which are just now beginning to show up in MRI scans on contactees. I've just now made friends with a woman out in Lancaster who is studying abductees who claims to have gotten a lot of these MRI scans definitely having "bogies" showing up on them.

Again, this was a part of the technology. There was a book published in 1968, I believe, called Were We Controlled by a man with the psuedonym of "Lincoln Lawrence". I would suggest that you people read that. Now this is a book obstensibly about the John F. Kennedy assassination looking into the possibility. And this has been raised by a number of people -- outrageous as the possibility may seem -- that Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald were somehow hypnotically programmed to do what they did. To tell you the truth, although I am willing to accept any number of unusual possibilities, I am not entirely convinced of that. However, I know for a fact that much of the information given in that book regarding the CIA's and the Defense Department's mind-control program is right on target, because it checked out with material that was released only about 10-ir-15 years later under Freedom of Information Act.

Lincoln Lawrence had to have been --and I know that he was in fact -- an FBI agent and therefore probably did have the sort of connections. He had to have connections to people who were "in the know" as to the technology involved. And the technology that he fingers … It's come up in a couple of other sources. Again, we don't have actual internal Government documentation on this unfortunately just yet. But the technology that he fingers is something called Radio Hypnotic Intracerebreal Control (RHIC) that is coupled with another technology called Electronic Dissolution Of Memory (EDOM).

Basically, EDOM is nothing more-or-less than "missing time" -- exactly what Budd Hopkins talks about. Making people forget what they've done for the past 2-or-3 hours. According to Lincoln Lawrence (and I'm tending more and more to believe him), this is a technology that we -- not the aliens -- have had in our hands for 20-or-30 years perhaps. Similarly, Radio Hypnotic Intracerebreal Control is a technology which even in its most primitive form -- according to some of the Russian literature mentioned in Lincoln Lawrence's book, and again I gave a copy to Aileen there -- goes back to the 1930s. And that has to do with a lot of arcane subjects implantations -- intracerbreal implantations in the brain.

By sending electronic pulses to these intracerebreal implantations, you can train the frequencies of the brain to a point of hypnotic suggestibility. And then voices, which can be -- as I mentioned earlier -- placed into the brain will act as a sort of remote hypnotist. One that has a far greater suggestibility than an actual hypnotist that you might pay money to go see. And this is somebody who can make you believe that you are seeing when this is happening to you they can make you believe that you are seeing or have seen, if they want to erase a previous memory -- say, a van that kidnapped you -- when in fact they might tell you that it was a UFO that kidnapped you. Or, as another story that I got from an abductee...

He had this strange memory of his abduction, and how he climbed into this saucer-shaped craft. But just before the saucer-shaped craft appeared in his mind, he has this strange memory that there was this truck in there. And that the same guy who was on the craft was in that truck, and he couldn't quite put the two together. Well, you know, I heard this from Budd Hopkins once. He said that there was an abductee he talked who said that there was … you know when he was abducted, that at first he thought it was some sort of helicopter that grabbed him and took him up into the air.

No, it couldn't have been that what it was. It was this UFO, and so Budd Hopkins is saying "well, obviously the helicopter was the screen memory for this terrible UFO experience."

Possibly. But the possibility that I'm looking into is what if it really was a helicopter and the "UFO" was an induced screen memory, possibly induced by this technology called Radio Hypnotic Intracerebreal Control (RHIC). There was a doctor named Jose Delgado -- still working today -- who wrote a book called Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a Psycho-Civilized Society.

These implants that everybody is talking have people thinking that only a highly advanced technology such as the aliens could come up with. Well, Delgado was in business as early the late 1950s. He put these implants in a bull in a Spanish bull-ring and had the bull charge him. Then he pushed a button on a box. It was like the same sort of box you would get with a radio-controlled airplane. He pushed a button. There are photographs of this that I can show you with the bull just a few feet in front of him and ready to gore the guy to death … and it justcame to a complete stop. Pushed another button, the bull walks away.

Now if that can happen to animals in the 1950s, why can't it be happening to abductees?

[This is a transcript of taped talk given by Martin Cannon via telephone to the UFO contact center international group meeting in 1988]

by Martin Cannon copyright 1997

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