NSA and Spying Nicknames and Codewords

Below is a listing of nicknames and codewords related to US Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) andCommunications Security (COMSEC). Most of them are from the NSA, some are from other government or military agencies. Due to secrecy, it’s not always clear whether a word is a nickname or a codeword. Some of them also have an abbreviation which is shown in brackets.

Nicknames are generally unclassified. NSA uses single word nicknames, outside NSA they usually consist of two separate words, with the first word selected from alphabetical blocks that are assigned to different agencies by the Joint Staff. Usually, nicknames are printed using all capital letters.

Codewords are always classified and always consist of a single word. Active codewords always need to be shown together with their classification level. Normally, codewords are printed using all capital letters.

Please keep in mind that a listing like this will always be work in progress.

See also the list of Abbreviations and Acronyms

ACCORDIAN – Type 1 Cryptographic algorithm used in a number of crypto products

AGILITY – NSA internet information tool or database

AGILEVIEW – NSA internet information tool or database

ALPHA – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Great Britain

ANCHORY – NSA software system which provides web access to textual intelligence documents

AUTOSOURCE – NSA tool or database

AQUACADE – A class of SIGINT spy satellites (formerly RHYOLITE)

ARCA – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

ARGON – Satellite mapping program

ASSOCIATION – NSA tool or database

BANYAN – NSA tool or database

BATON – Type 1 Block cipher algorithm, used with many crypto products

BELLTOPPER – NSA database *


BINOCULAR – Former NSA intelligence dissemination tool

BLACKPEARL – NSA tool or database

BLARNEY – NSA internet and telephony network collection program

BOUNDLESSINFORMANT – DNI and DNR data visualization tool

BYEMAN (BYE) – Retired control system for overhead collection systems (1961-2005)

CADENCE – NSA collection tasking tool or database

CANYON – Class of COMINT spy satellites (1968-1977)

CANNON LIGHT – Counterintelligence database of the US Army

CHESS – Compartment of TALENT KEYHOLE for the U-2 spy plane

CORDOBA – Type 2 Cryptographic algorithm used in a number of NSA-developed crypto chips

CONFIRM – NSA database for personell access

CONTRAOCTAVE – NSA tool or database

CONVEYANCE – A voice content ingest processor?

CORONA – A series of photographic surveillance satellites (1959-1972)

COURIERSKILL – NSA Collection mission system

CREST – Database which automatically translates foreign language intercepts in English *

CULTWEAVE – Smaller size SIGINT database *

DAFF – Codeword for products of satellite imagery

DELTA – Compartment for COMINT material from intercepts of Soviet military operations

DIKTER – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Norway

DINAR – Predecessor of the UMBRA compartment for COMINT

DISHFIRE – NSA internet information tool or database

DIVERSITY – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

DRUID – SIGINT Exchange Designator for third party countries

DYNAMO – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Denmark

ECHELON – A SIGINT collection network run by Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States

ECHO – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Australia

FAIRVIEW – NSA internet and telephony network collection program

FALLOUT – DNI metadata ingest processor

FIREFLY – NSA-developed key generation scheme, used for exchanging EKMS public keys

FISHBOWL – NSA program for securing commercial smartphones


FRONTO – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

GAMMA (G) – Compartment for highly sensitive communication intercepts

GAMUT – NSA collection tasking tool or database

GLOBAL BROKER – NSA tool or database

GRAB – SIGINT satellite program

HAVE BLUE – Development program of the F-117A Stealth fighter-bomber

HAVE QUICK (HQ) – Frequency-hopping system used to protect military UHF radio traffic

HERCULES – CIA terrorism database

HIGHTIDE – NSA tool or database

INDIA – SIGINT Exchange Designator for New Zealand

INTRUDER – Series of ELINT and COMINT spy satellites (since 2009)

ISHTAR – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Japan

IVY BELLS – NSA, CIA and Navy operation to place wire taps on Soviet underwater communication cables

JEROBOAM – Another name used for the TRUMPET spy satellites

JUGGERNAUT – Picks up all signals from mobile networks *

JUMPSEAT – Class of SIGINT reconnaissance satellites (1971-1983)

KAMPUS – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

KEA – Asymmetric-key Type 2 algorithm used in products like Fortezza, Fortezza Plus

KEYRUT – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

KLONDIKE (KDK) – Control system for sensitive geospatial intelligence

LANYARD – Reconaissance satellite program

LOPERS – Software application for Public Switched Telephone Networks *

MAGIC LANTERN – A keystroke logging software developed by the FBI

MAGNUM – Series of SIGINT spy satellites (since 1985)


MAIN CORE – Federal database of personal and financial data of suspicious US citizens

MAINWAY – NSA database of bulk phone metadata

MARINA – NSA database of bulk internet metadata

MENTOR – Class of SIGINT spy satellites (since 1995)

MESSIAH – NSA automated message handling system

METTLESOME – NSA Collection mission system

MIDAS – Satellite program

MINARET – A sister project to Project SHAMROCK (1967-1973)

MOONLIGHTPATH – An NSA collection program *

MORAY – Retired compartment for the least sensitive COMINT material

MUSKET – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

NECTAR – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

NUCLEON – Database for contents of phone calls

OAKSTAR – NSA internet and telephony network collection program

OCEANARIUM – Database for SIGINT from NSA and intelligence sharing partners around the world *

OCELOT – Probably a NSA program for collection from internet and telephony networks

OCTAVE – NSA tool for telephone network tasking

OCTSKYWARD – NSA tool or database

OSCAR – SIGINT Exchange Designator for the USA

OXCART – The Lockheed A-12 program (better known as SR-71)

PADSTONE – Type 1 Cryptographic algorithm used in products like Cypris, Windster and Indictor

PATHFINDER – SIGINT analysis tool (made by SAIC)

PINWALE – Database for recorded signals intercepts/internet content

PLUS – NSA SIGINT production feedback program *

POPPY – SIGINT satellite program

PRISM – NSA collection program for foreign internet data

PROTEIN – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

PROTON – Smaller size SIGINT database

PURPLE – Codename for a Japanese diplomatic cryptosystem during WWII

PUZZLECUBE – NSA tool or database

PYLON – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

RAGTIME (RT) – Codeword for four NSA surveillance programs

RENOIR – NSA telephone network visualization tool

RESERVE (RSV) – Control system for the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

RICHTER – SIGINT Exchange Designator for Germany

RORIPA – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

RUFF – Compartment of TALENT KEYHOLE for IMINT satellites

RHYOLITE – Class of SIGINT spy satellites (in 1975 changed to AQUACADE)

SABRE – Retired(?) SIGINT product codeword

SAMOS – Reconnaissance satellite program

SARDINE – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

SAVILLE – Narrow band voice encryption used for radio and telephone communication


SEABOOT – SIGINT Exchange Designator for ?

SHARKFIN – Sweeps up all-source communications intelligence at high speed and volumes *

SEMESTER – NSA SIGINT reporting tool

SENTINEL – NSA database security filter*

SETTEE – SIGINT Exchange Designator for South Korea

SHAMROCK – Operation for intercepting telegraphic data going in or out the US (1945-1975)

SHELLTRUMPET – NSA metadata processing program *

SIGSALY – The first secure voice system from World War II

SILKWORTH – A software program used for the ECHELON system

SIRE – A software program used for the ECHELON system

SKIPJACK – Type 2 Block cipher algorithms used in products like Fortezza, and the Clipper Chip

SKYWRITER – NSA internet intelligence reporting tool

SOLIS – SIGINT product databases *

SPHINX – Counterintelligence database of the Defense Intelligence Agency

SPINNERET – an NSA operational branche? *

SPOKE – Retired compartment for less sensitive COMINT material

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