Alien Sub-Terrestrials: What Could Be Hiding Beneath Our Feet

Recently, the world of UFOlogy was rocked with shocking allegations about the possible existence of descendants of alien sub-terrestrial’s dinosaurs. 
These allegations came by the way of Lacreta Files, written by one ‘Ole K’, who interviewed and documented information garnered from a self-described dinosaur descendant.

One of the allegations made in these Files involved an intergalactic war between humans and inter-dimensional ‘reptilian’ aliens that caused a massive extinction of dinosaurs on the earth. According to this self-described dinosaur descendant, the remaining population evolved and still lives on the earth to this day. In addition, this evolved entity still ‘operates some UFOs.’

Some of the UFOs described seem to be consistent with sightings made of cylindrical UFOs spotted in various parts of the world. They were described as, ‘a metalish bright-grey cigar-shaped cylindrical object with a length of—there are different types—let me say between 20 and 260 of your metres.’ The alleged regressive alien descending from dinosaurs also goes on to state that should anyone else have seen some of these UFOs then ‘this means that it was either partly defective, or that one of us was not careful enough.’

Such a sighting was recently posted as video footage on Scott C. Waring’s website, UFO Sightings Daily, which is a popular forum for UFOlogists to show the world some of the things they have witnessed. Scott, an avid UFOlogist who is also a writer and an ESL school owner in Taiwan, posted the video on his website of a sighting made on 26 October 2012 in Hawaii, USA.

An anonymous girl who then gave it to an eyewitness to post filmed the video footage. It shows a moving cylindrical object moving across the sky past the plane carrying the witnesses. It does appear metallic and bright grey as well as cigar shaped thus lending credence to some of the allegations on the Lacerta Files. Anyone can also view the video via YouTube by following the link provided on UFO Sightings Daily.

So what could the object be? Skeptics and scientists may have their own plausible explanation on what the horizontally moving object could be. For Scott C. Waring and other UFOlogists however, this is evidence that there are life forms that are alien out there and we have yet to see them all.

The eyewitness who provided UFO Sightings Daily on the other hand, seems very excited to share the excitement with the world. This witness states a big, ‘thank you to this anonymous girl who gave me this stunning video to share with the world.’ For the rest of the unbelieving world though, maybe more evidence posted on the UFO Sightings Dailywill help change their mind in order to help them join Scott and other UFOlogists in their quest to prove that alien life forms exist.

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