The Relationship Between Human Consciousness and Earth Dynamics

Human Circulatory SystemEagle NebulaFrom time to time, I have hinted in my various commentaries and observations of earth dynamics that there is a relationship between human consciousness and earth changes. A reader of a recent issue of The Millennial Sun Electric News asked for an explanation of a statement I had made, “I think there’s a greater chance [of quake activity] in the Middle East to Mediterranean area, not only because of the physical pressure in that direction, but because of the emotional tension that translates into physical tension. Unless the hostilities in the Middle East calm down, I would expect some fairly significant quake activity from there westerly.”

The reader responded, “If you have a reasonable explanation for this I sure would like to hear it. But please make sure that it makes sense.” In my response, I assured the reader that I could not guarantee that my answer would make sense to him, but that it would make sense to me, based upon what I know, and that I could not scientifically prove the relationship. As Henry David Thoreau once wrote, having spent much time in contemplation, “With all your science can you tell how it is, and whence it is, that light comes into the soul?” Following is an expanded version of that response.

It is relatively clear from observation that humans have a great influence on the physical health of the earth in the way we settle upon it and conduct our affairs. At this time, we can see the results of our decades of waste and pollution in the quality of the water we drink and the air we breathe, particularly in the urban areas, but even the oceans and the fish we eat are now affected by the pollution.

Even the air currents carry pollution from one country half-way around the globe to another, resulting in fallout of various kinds. This is all a result of our physical actions, which are of course guided by our mental attitudes. It is fairly easy to see how natural systems such as water, air, soils, and things that grow on the earth are affected by human actions and how, in turn, those then affect humans. This of course does not necessarily speak to earthquakes as such.

I believe it is becoming more accepted by the medical professionals that we humans consist of more than just a physical body and that the human energy system consists of several different vibrational levels, including physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and more, the physical aspect being the densest. It is also widely accepted now that our human emotions play a very large role in our physical health. We can actually make ourselves sick by the way we think, our fear patterns, and our general belief systems.

In other words, our consciousness affects our physical health. You might want to refer to the pioneering work of C. W. Leadbeater (“The Chakras”), the more current work of Barbara Brennan (“Hands of Light”), Carolyn Myss (“Anatomy of the Spirit”), or Dr. Deepak Chopra (“Perfect Health”) for more on this subject, or even the visionary artist, Alex Grey (“Sacred Mirrors”). There are many others who have written convincingly on this subject.

There have also been sufficient studies to show that we can have some kind of communication with plants. The classic study is one in which a plant identified a human “murderer”. The test was with two plants in a room. A person went into the room and killed one of the plants. The other plant was hooked up to a lie-detector type apparatus and several people were brought, one-by-one, into the room. When the “murderer” was brought in, the plant went “wild” according to the readout on the lie detector monitor.

It does not prove that plants have “feelings”, but that they have the ability to communicate at a non-physical level and that they can react to physical events and even to human thoughts. It is also now known that certain trees send out messages to other trees, both through the air, carried by something akin to pheromones, as well as through the root system, that a parasite is invading, and those trees begin to “beef up” their immune systems to counteract the threat. Other studies have shown that plants grow larger and healthier when exposed to classical music vs. “hard rock”.

Let me take this idea a step further. Earth, even though it is seen to be this inert object (“Third Rock from the Sun”) locked into a fixed orbit around the Sun, held in orbit by what we call “gravity” also is a living system (see Lovelock‚s & Margulis‚ “Gaia Hypothesis”) and therefore has a consciousness, or at least a corresponding energy system in which information is stored and carried.

Even though it may appear to consist primarily of water, mineral, and vegetable matter with a molten iron core and gradually more solid material from there to the outer crust, surrounded by gaseous atmospheres of lesser and lesser densities, it is really governed by vibrational levels of being similar to that of humans. I also refer you to Michael Talbot’s “The Holographic Universe” in which he summarizes the findings of many scientists in this regard, and the following quote from one of the greatest scientists, Albert Einstein, is one of my favorites:

Human Beings a part of the universe“A human being is part of a whole called by us the “Universe” a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us restricting us to our personal desires and for affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty”.

I have to believe that Einstein was able to see the world and we who are attached to it as an holistic, conscious system that behaves interactively with humans, plant and animal life. Even understanding that, it is difficult to pinpoint where in Earth diseases or lesions will occur, and what form they will take, based solely upon emotional status of humans. It is hard enough just to determine that within an individual human. This, however, is where my vision of earth dynamics begins, and also includes the notion that not only Earth, but the Sun and all of the cosmos is living being.

Speaking of Earth-Sun as living being with connected consciousness, a most interesting series of events occurred around the U.S. elections on November 7th, 2000. The election of the President of the United States of America is a big deal, due to the global position the U.S. carries and the fact that it is a supposed democracy “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” a demonstration to the world of the power of the democratic way of life.

Like millions of others, I watched the election returns on television and the regular tabulation of states and electoral votes (blue for Gore; red for Bush) as the returns came in. What was most interesting to me was the corresponding solar activity that was occurring as it became clear that the results were too close to call and that this would be a protracted and contested election with the results not known for days and days.

Solar GraphsAt about 5:00 AM, EST (10:00 AM UTC) on November 8th, two of our space weather satellites that measure earth’s magnetic energy began to show a split reading, with one increasing and the other decreasing, with the maximum separation at about noon, UTC. They usually show relatively parallel readings, so this seemed like a strange anomaly. This went on for about five hours, then the readings came back together again (see following graphic, #1, “The Gore-Bush Split”). Just before midnight UTC, the Sun emitted a huge x-ray burst (see following graphic, #2 “The Solar Reaction”).

At the peak of this x-ray discharge, a gigantic proton storm began that was categorized as the 2nd largest proton event of this 11-year solar cycle (see following graphic, #3, “The Cosmic-Earth Repercussion”). Immediately the electron flux at the satellite environment dropped off the charts and two satellites apparently went out of service for the next 18 hours (see following graphic, #4, “Earth Systems Collapse”).

Coincidence? This kind of activity was not expected. What created it? This was a “Big Deal” and I believe it had something to do with the intense angst over the dramatic events unfolding with the election count, sort of a cosmic rain dance in which protons were substituted for raindrops.

Another quote I like, although certainly not based upon scientific proof, is one attributed to Chief Seattle, which comes from native traditions:

“This we know. All things are connected like the blood which unites one family…. Whatever befalls the earth, befalls the sons and daughters of the earth. Man did not weave the web of life; he is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself.”

The reader mentioned rain dances and alluded to the ability of human thought patterns to make rain. This is a well-known phenomenon that does not always work. I have read an account by reputable people of a trek into Mexico City, I believe, where they sat in a circle and projected thought-forms to clear the smog away. Before long, a huge circle of clear sky formed above their heads. After they left, the smog returned.

There are many examples of this type of interaction. When it works it is because we are able to connect with our deeper levels of consciousness and, through proper attitude and training, can eventually tap into the consciousness of the Whole. In this state, we can become co-creators. In fact, whether consciously or not, we are co-creators through our thought patterns, mental and emotional state, and physical acts. When non-conscious, we can’t really predict the results; when conscious, we at least have a chance of predicting the results (there are obviously many factors that influence the results, but we will leave the concepts of free will, “right action” and individual and group karma out of this for the time being).

It was Abraham Maslov who noted in his book, “Toward the Farther Reaches of Human Nature” that the deeper we consciously penetrate into our inner selves (as in a meditative state), the closer we come to the Whole of conscious being. One of the amazing stories documents the settlement of Findhorn, in northern Scotland, where one of the founders began communicating with the plant fairies and devas, who told the group how to tend the gardens, what and where to plant, and what to weed, etc. In very short order, they grew magnificent gardens in very poor soil and a formidable climate. Now, an entire community has grown in that area as a result of the fame of the gardens and the community’s connection with the farther reaches of human nature. (see “The Magic of Findhorn” and Eileen Caddy’s autobiography, “Flight Into Freedom”).

It is clear to me that humans and Earth are multi-dimensional living systems, energetically intertwined, each governed by similar principles. Not only do our physical acts produce reactions, but also our thoughts, mental attitudes, and emotional status, all of which are convertible into forms of energy. As Einstein so eloquently showed, mass and energy are interchangeable. If energy is intense enough in specific locations, it can create intense physical reactions. In denser material such as earth and rock, the reactions may take some time, but the buildup of energy over time and from widespread areas may be sufficient even to cause earthquakes.

There are certain areas of the Earth where turmoil has existed for centuries. The Middle East is a prime example. The area of Central and South America where the Incan and Mayan empires thrived are similar areas, due to the continuous human sacrifice given to “gods” in hopes of achieving abundance. The southern part of the United States is another area where the remnants of slavery and righteousness have not been totally released.

The energy of emotions and though patterns, similar to radio carrier-waves, actually get embedded in the soil and the energy of a place and continue to build up over time. These areas, and others like them, are prime areas for earth changes of one sort or another. There are groups of people who travel around the world attempting to release and transmute this built-up energy. There are other groups who sit in remote locations and simply project thought forms to help break up negative energies.

We are in a time period where this is happening more and more. It is, however, difficult to scientifically prove their effectiveness in diminishing the prospects of war. There have been a number of published studies by the Transcendental Meditation group that show such things as significant crime reduction when only a small percentage of beings in a particular area meditate.

There are groups of people that have abilities to tap into the consciousness of the Earth and of realms beyond the Earth. My partner/wife is one of those. She communicates with the plant world and other realms and channels much information about the Earth and its energies. I have experienced enough to begin to understand how all this works from direct experience. How does one prove that it works? One doesn’t except by successful example. Even seeing is not always believing, as some people cannot accept what they cannot explain.

For the most part, science is limited to the material world of physical measurement, of time and space. When we get into the holographic worlds of energy and spirit, where time and space cease to exist as organizing principles, science has not been of much help; we have to experience directly to believe. I’m sure that most people have, from time to time, had an experience where they simply “know” and no amount of scientific or logical reasoning can move them away from that knowing.

In this article, I have primarily dealt with the emerging knowledge of consciousness on this world and from the human perspective. Once we begin to understand the reality of a holographic universe and that consciousness is like an infinite “quantum soup” in which everything exists everywhere all the time, our perspectives begin to open to entirely new possibilities. It begins to become possible to understand how we are patterns of conscious intelligence created from the building blocks of the universe which, at some level of being, we have had a hand in creating.

We are beginning to get evidence, as we understand the nature of DNA and how light works, how our evolution has proceeded and where we might be headed. When we get to that place, we will realize that there is no reason to have fear or to want “things” to satisfy our earthly desires, or to overpower another individual or group to achieve superiority. It is in this state where waste ceases to exist and abundance is achieved.

by Wayne Moody

This article is from the newly offered Millennium Group ARCHIVES. This particular article comes from The Section: COSMOLOGY.

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